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Case of Purifan PA2 Smoke and Odor Filters - Includes Shipping.


  • $650.00
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Case includes twelve sets (five segments) of Purifan Factory Certified PA2 Smoke and Odor Filters. Easy to install, no tools required. Price includes shipping and handling.

Purifan PA2 Smoke and Odor Filters have five layers of filter media, including two layers with activated charcoal, plus an additional 1/4 inch layer of activated charcoal saturated with a mixture of potassium permanganate and alumina. This layer helps to absorb more odors and chemicals from cigarette smoke, urine, pets and many other undesirable odors. Filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months in a heavy smoking or high odor-level facility like a pet store or nursing home.  

Disposable filter media is paper and charcoal and cannot be washed and re-used. Always use Purifan Factory Certified Filters in your Purifans. Failure to do so will void your Purifan Air Purifier's Lifetime Warranty and can cause motor overheating, failure or fire.  Price for a Case is $600 + $50 for UPS Shipping and handling.  Total Cost delivered to your location is only $650.  

Note:  Rising Supply Chain costs and UPS freight charges have forced us to raise our prices in December, 2022.


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