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Case of Purifan Factory Certified Allergy Filters - Includes Shipping.

Purifan, Inc.

  • $580.00
  • Save $120

Case includes 12 sets of Purifan Factory Certified PA1 replacement Allergy, Dust and Odor filters.  Each Purifan uses one set of five filter segments. Easy to install, no tools required. Price includes shipping and handling.

Purifan PA1 Allergy, Dust and Odor Filters have five layers of filter media, including three layers with activated charcoal. Disposable filter media is paper and charcoal and cannot be washed and re-used. Always use Purifan Factory Certified Filters in your Purifans. Failure to do so will void your Purifan Air Purifier's Lifetime Warranty and can cause motor overheating, failure or fire.

Buying by the case substantially lowers the costs per filter set.  The case price for 12 is almost the same as buying 8 sets of filters.

Note:  Rising Supply Chain costs and freight costs have forced us to raise our prices starting February 1, 2022.





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