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Purifan Air Purifier - Purifan Only, Allergy Filters, no motor or light kit. Free Shipping.


  • $454.95

Purifan - Free Shipping. This Purifan package includes the Purifan with one set of PA1 Allergy Filters only, and does not include the required ceiling fan motor, nor any light kits needed to install this Purifan. Purifans come in four designer colors Bronze, Pewter, Ivory and Black. This package price assumes the customer will mount this to an existing ceiling fan motor or purchase a 52-inch ceiling fan from a local home improvement store. This item will NOT operate without the required customer supplied ceiling fan motor. This product can be attached to most 4 or 5 bladed ceiling fan motors. This allows you to convert your existing ceiling fan into a powerful, quiet and effective air purifier for any room in your home, business or school. Product is 31 inches in diameter and replaces the paddle blades on a 52-inch ceiling fan motor. Hidden filters are easily replaced. Lifetime Warranty, energy efficient and very effective covering entire room. Lifetime Warranty requires the use of Purifan Factory Certified Filters. Purifan filters are covered by the patents and knock-off filters can degrade performance and put an excessive load on the ceiling fan motor causing heat or damage to the motor. Only use Purifan Factory Certified filters for the best performance and life of your ceiling fan motor. Some sample photos show customer supplied light kits, but this item is the Purifan only, and no light kits are included at this price. Some bundles are offered at higher prices that include motors, or motors and light kits.