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Ten Classroom Bundle with motors & UVC Light Kits - Includes Filters for Full School Year - Saves $3,280

Purifan, Inc.

  • $13,700.00

This bundle includes 20 Purifans, 20 motors, 20 Purifan Certified UVC Light Kits and 40 sets of Allergy Filters. This will provide clean healthy air for 10 typical classrooms for an entire school year, including a filter change halfway through the nine-month school year. Additional replacement filter sets can be ordered in 10-classroom bundles. Installation is identical to a ceiling fan, and is usually completed by facility staff. The Purifans should be operated 24 hours a day during the school year. Each Purifan only draws 1/2 amp of electricity, which is the same as a 60-watt light bulb. Available in Pewter, Bronze, Ivory or Black. Free shipping included in bundle price.

Bundle Price Saves $3,280.  Only $1,370 per classroom for full year.  Less than $70 per student.  Years 2 to 5 annual filter costs plus UVC Replacement Bulbs, will be only $3,200 total, or only $320 per classroom which is only $16 per student per year!  Great PTA/PTO Project, with huge payback in lower health care costs and missed work days with sick children at home.