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Purifan UVC Germicidal Light Kit ONLY - To Install on an Existing Purifan, also includes Free Shipping


  • $249.95

Purifan-UVC - Price includes Free Shipping. This Purifan package includes ONLY the Purifan UVC Germicidal Light Conversion Kit to add to an existing installed Purifan that uses a Purifan Factory Motor.   The virus killing power of UVC light will improve the Purifan's ability to capture and kill viruses trapped in airborne moisture aerosol droplets. Purifan's whole room airflow pattern pulls aerosol sized moisture droplets produced by anyone breathing, talking, singing or yelling, and the five stage hidden filters capture and remove these droplets from the rooms air.  Purifans come in four designer colors Bronze, Pewter, Ivory and Black. This package price includes just the UVC Light Kit Bundle which allows you to install a powerful UVC light kit on YOUR EXISTING PURIFANS in your home, business or school classroom.  The Purifan comes with a Lifetime Warranty if the customer uses Purifan certified filters.  During operation the Purifan UVC air quality system is very energy efficient and very effective covering the entire room. Lifetime Warranty requires the use of Purifan Factory Certified Filters and Purifan Certified UVC light bulbs in the UVC light kit. The UVC light bulbs should be replaced once per year to maintain their virus killing effect.  Purifan filters are covered by the patents and knock-off filters can degrade performance and put an excessive load on the ceiling fan motor causing heat or damage to the motor. Only use Purifan Factory Certified filters for the best air filtration performance and to get the maximum life from your ceiling fan motor. Some sample photos show the Certified Purifan UVC Germicidal Light Conversion Package.  Only use Purifan Certified UVC bulbs in this UVC Germicidal Light Conversion Package.  Quantities of this item may be limited by high demand, and large quantity orders will require a deposit.