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Five Purifan Bar Starter Bundle - for Clubs, Posts and Bars. Includes Shipping.

Purifan, Inc.

  • $2,399.95

This is a bundle that includes 5 Purifan Smoke and Odor air purifier units and 5 sets of Purifan PA2 Smoke and Odor Filters.  This package can be installed on existing ceiling fans or ceiling fans purchased locally by the customer.  These five Purifans will cover about 1,500 square feet in a bar, club, post or any smoking area.  These units mount to most 52-inch to 60-inch ceiling fan motors, by replacing the paddle blades, and quietly filter the air at a rate of about 2,200 CFM per Purifan at 225 RPM.  The patented filters are disposable, low cost and typically last about 3 to 4 months in heavy smoking environments.  Each filter contains 3 layers of activated charcoal or potassium permanganate and alumina to reduce odors and chemical smells from cigarette smoke.   Each ceiling fan motor only uses  about1/2 amp at 120VAC, so this package can save $300 or more per month in electricity costs for the post, club or bar compared to electrostatic air cleaners that have little or no charcoal for odor control. This Purifan bundle includes shipping and a special bundle price.   This is the only air purifier that comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  This bundle does not include motors or light kits, but motors and light kits are available for additional costs.  Ideal for VFW, American Legion, Clubs, Bars, Bingo Halls, Cigar Bars and Smoking Areas in nursing homes, hospitals and other types of clubs, employee smoking areas and union halls.  Make sure you pick the color you want by clicking on the MORE info.  This price includes shipping and handling.

Increases in supply chain and shipping costs have forced us to increase pricing on this product.