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Five Classroom Bundle with UVC Light Kits 10 Purifan’s

Purifan, Inc.

  • $7,250.00
  • Save $1,240

This bundle includes 10 Purifans, 10 motors and 20 sets of Allergy Filters. This bundle also includes 10 of the Purifan Certified UVC Light Kits.  These Light Kits shine UVC light in the 253.7nm wavelength onto the surface of the filters.  When aerosolized moisture droplets are drawn into the Purifan, and get captured on the surface of the five-layer filters, the UVC light kills germs and viruses by disrupting their DNA.

This will provide clean air to five five typical classrooms for an entire school year, including a filter change halfway through. Additional replacement filter sets can be ordered in five-classroom bundles.  Purifans are installed the same way as a ceiling fan, and most schools have their facility staff take care of installation. Purifans should run during school hours a day, and turned on as soon as possible in the mornings before students arrive. Each Purifan draws the same electricity as a 60-watt bulb. Available in: Pewter, Bronze, Ivory or Black. Free shipping is included in this bargain bundled price.